Dolly Eye Blytheye Pink (aka EOS New Adult)

 Hi! First time that I review circle lenses, I hope to be able to give you more informations as possible.
This circle lenses are from the online shop Uniqso. Was the first time that I bought circle lenses with no natural color, so would to try how pink color suit on my eyes.


Inside the package, in addition to the lenses and false eyelashes that I bought, there were artificial tears and a cute travel case for contact lenses as a gift.


  Dolly Eye Blytheye Pink

Base Curve:  8.6mm
Color Tones:  2 Tones
Diameter:  14.8mm
Processing Time:  2-3working days
Remarks:  Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period:  12 months
Water Content:  38%


Okay, these lenses are not natural at all but they are beautiful! Also on brown eyes the color is still vibrant! The color is really visible, especially with natural light.
They're really light to wear and super hydrated, I had no problems wearing them for all day ( I wore them for 10 hours LOL ).
You can buy them here.
Color ★★★★ pink color that is still vibrant on dark eyes
                              Design ★★★★ cute and fun to wear
                         Enlargement ★★★ not too much, still natural!                                                      
                               Comfort ★★★★really really comfy !

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