About me

I'm Luna🌙, an Italian girl in love with Japan, make-up, fashion and Visual kei bands.
I study "oriental languages" at university, in particular Japanese and Chinese. Yeah, I'm crazy to study both languages but I'm sure that I can do it. (^▽^)
My secret dream, that it's not a secret anymore, is to go and live in Japan. I love this country so much and I hope to realize my dream one day. (✿◠‿◠)

So, let's move on to serious matters.. in this blog I will treat different topics, but I will focus mainly on fashion (like my outfits) and makeup (tutorial by me). 
So if you like my topics follow me, also to meet new people, I would love it. (=^^=)

You can find me on:

Youtube: CHIBIMUN &co 
Instagram: chibimu.n
Tumblr: chibimu-n
Twitter: chibimu_n 

On my youtube channel you can find my makeup tutorials and my gameplay of different videogames.. yeaah, I'm a gamer, I love play videogames like MMO, The Sims 4 and others. So, if you are a gamer nerd too, follow me for more videos !

Okay, I would continue to write for hours, but I have to continue studying ... *EXAMS, EXAMS everywhere* ・゚゚・(>д<; )・゚゚・

See you next time, have a nice day/evening/night ;D

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