3 feb 2017

Cute eyes makeup

I'M BACK ! (^O^)/

Today I will show you a make-up video tutorial that I have done few days ago. It is inspired by Gyaru style ( japanese style ), but I make it in a simple and natural way.

First of all I used a PRIMER ( green colour ) to make a smooth skin and cover imperfections. Then I applied the foundation ( light colour for a white skin ) only around and on eyes. 

For the eyes I used a white-gold and a brown-silver eyeshadows to create depht. With the eyeliner I did a line tending downwards but not too much. Then I redefined my eyebrown, or what's left.ㅠㅅㅠ

I applied my false eyelashes, put the foundation on the rest of the face and did the contouring.
Finally I put a pink blush, a pink lipstick and with a brown eyeliner I did some small dots on the cheeks to recreate the effect of freckles ( freckles are too cute (≧▽≦) ).

At the end a nice powder brushed !

Now I leave you with the video tutorial and some pics:


Thanks for reading my blog and watching my video !

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