27 feb 2017

Colorful Leggings

Hi all!

I'm back with a new outfit. 
Today I went to my first 'economic and political geography' and it was .. okay ahaha
I decided to wear one of my favorite long sleves shirt by Glad News and a coloful leggings !

Today I didn't put on my false eyelashes.. I was so tired and sleepy D: 

Long sleves shirt: GLAD NEWS




25 feb 2017

White shirt


Yesterday I didn't want to wear a dress or a skirt, in short, anything that was uncomfortable.. so I wore pants and a white shirt. 
Sometimes it takes a mascoline look ;)

Shoes: Yamamay

Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Pur Couture (14)

See you !

23 feb 2017

Light Green

Hi all!

Today I finally managed to shoot a make-up video ( you can find it below ). The make-up is inspired to the Sweet Gyaru style. 
I like these circle lenses a lot but I'm going to buy more in different colors..

Today I wore a simple light green shirt with a pair of jeans. The shirt is a little trasparent so below I wore a black top. I also wore a pair of platform with a floral pattern.

Platform: A.O.D.

See youu !

22 feb 2017

Mustard dress

Hi !

Today I wore a mustard color dress and simple black thighs. 
I really like this color (mustard), it reminds me of the autumn.. my favorite season. 
Autumn is so beautiful with all those colors in warm tones and then there is no pollen, my enemy number one!!

Dress: INGNI
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Yamamay


I love my new Sephora MAT Lipstick :D

And as always, after the Japanese lesson, I went to a cafe and I ordered this delicious tea:

21 feb 2017



Here a new casual outfit from yesterday. I wore a Boy London sweater and a red and black polka dot pants. Sometimes I like to be confortable and wear flat shoes. I think that Superga shoes are also good with dress, because they are delicate and feminine !

Sweater: Boy London
Shoes: Superga

Me and my friend, returning home, we stopped in a cafe .. here's what I ordered:
Hot chocolate and chocolate muffin .. DIET DIET !


19 feb 2017

- Pink Flowers -

Hi all!

Three days ago I went to a Japanese class in a Sweet Gyaru outfit.
I like to alternate my style from black and dark to pink and cute ..
I think I'm bit 'moody from this point of view LOL

In fact, I can't wear only black or only pink, because there are a cute and a dark side in me !

I leave you now with some pics of the outfit, I hope you will like it <3

Bye bye !

Dress : TaoBao
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Superga

16 feb 2017

Black & White

Hi all!

Here I am with a new outfit "all" black and white and a easy everyday make-up.

Make-up video:



Sweatshirt: GLAD NEWS
Skirt: Taobao
Shoes: Flyfor

GLAD NEWS is one my favorite brands, pity that some things cost too much D:

8 feb 2017

That black day !

Hi ! ルナです!

Unfortunately the winter holidays are over and this means return back to the university. My "first" day started not so well. Meanwhile I was going to class the sole of my platform shoe came off .. this was my face in that moment: Σ(゚д゚lll

At this time I'd still be there to look for a solution if it were not for my best friend and her brilliant idea !!
She bought for me the double-sided tape and so we were able to attack the sole ! Now it does not come off more (^ε^)

That day I was inspired by the Rokku Gyaru style (i love it so much!). Black is the predominant color.. wait.. there are no other colors (=゚・゚=)

I leave you some pics below and my make-up video tutorial, I hope u like them (・ω-) 

Bye bye 




the victim of the day: JOUETIE platform


Sweater: GLAD NEWS
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoulder bag: HELLO SPANK

5 feb 2017

A pink pink day !

Hi all!

Yesterday I went out with my bestfriend. We went to Charlotte café, a nice place to drink tea and chat a bit. 
I ordered a Jasmine green tea (delicious) and a chocolate cake ( really soft ). (♥‿♥)
This café is all white and pink, like a doll house! So I decided to wear a cute pink dress and do a Gyaru style make-up. I wear also a blue wig. I need more pink things in my life :3

I hope you will like it *3^)

Make-up video tutorial: 


 Some pics :

Jasmine gree tea and CAKE !

Blue circle lenses


Dress: Liz Lisa
Tights: Calzedonia

3 feb 2017

Cute eyes makeup

I'M BACK ! (^O^)/

Today I will show you a make-up video tutorial that I have done few days ago. It is inspired by Gyaru style ( japanese style ), but I make it in a simple and natural way.

First of all I used a PRIMER ( green colour ) to make a smooth skin and cover imperfections. Then I applied the foundation ( light colour for a white skin ) only around and on eyes. 

For the eyes I used a white-gold and a brown-silver eyeshadows to create depht. With the eyeliner I did a line tending downwards but not too much. Then I redefined my eyebrown, or what's left.ㅠㅅㅠ

I applied my false eyelashes, put the foundation on the rest of the face and did the contouring.
Finally I put a pink blush, a pink lipstick and with a brown eyeliner I did some small dots on the cheeks to recreate the effect of freckles ( freckles are too cute (≧▽≦) ).

At the end a nice powder brushed !

Now I leave you with the video tutorial and some pics:


Thanks for reading my blog and watching my video !

See you ! .. ah, don't forget to comment and follow me if you enjoyed my post ! <3

1 feb 2017


I'm Luna🌙, an Italian girl in love with Japan, make-up, fashion and Visual kei bands.
I study "oriental languages" at university, in particular Japanese and Chinese. Yeah, I'm crazy to study both languages but I'm sure that I can do it. (^▽^)
My secret dream, that it's not a secret anymore, is to go and live in Japan. I love this country so much and I hope to realize my dream one day. (✿◠‿◠)

So, let's move on to serious matters.. in this blog I will treat different topics, but I will focus mainly on fashion (like my outfits) and makeup (tutorial by me). 
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