8 feb 2017

That black day !

Hi ! ルナです!

Unfortunately the winter holidays are over and this means return back to the university. My "first" day started not so well. Meanwhile I was going to class the sole of my platform shoe came off .. this was my face in that moment: Σ(゚д゚lll

At this time I'd still be there to look for a solution if it were not for my best friend and her brilliant idea !!
She bought for me the double-sided tape and so we were able to attack the sole ! Now it does not come off more (^ε^)

That day I was inspired by the Rokku Gyaru style (i love it so much!). Black is the predominant color.. wait.. there are no other colors (=゚・゚=)

I leave you some pics below and my make-up video tutorial, I hope u like them (・ω-) 

Bye bye 




the victim of the day: JOUETIE platform


Sweater: GLAD NEWS
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoulder bag: HELLO SPANK

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