24 mar 2017

I.Fairy Luna Blue

Hi ! Today I'm going to review my second pair of circle lenses 
that I bought on Uniqso.
The color is not natural at all and they are perfect for creative looks !

Inside the package, in addition to the lenses and false eyelashes that I bought, there were artificial tears and a cute travel case for contact lenses as a gift.

Base Curve:  8.6mm
Color Tones:  4 Tones 
Diameter:  16.2mm
             Processing Time:  2-3working days
              Remarks:  Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
               Replacement Period:  12 months
   Water Content:  55%

These lenses are not natural at all but they are 4 tones lenses, 
so overall they are not too too unnatural!
 On brown eyes the color is still vibrant, but only when there is enough light!
They're light to wear but since they have a large diameter after 4 hours they starts to give
a little discomfort, but I was able to wear them for more than 8 hours!
You can buy them here
  Color ★★★★ color that is really vibrant on dark eyes with natural light
                              Design ★★★★  Fun to wear
                         Enlargement ★★★ Your eyes looks bigger !                                                
                               Comfort ★★★★  comfy, but maybe you need eyedrops for use them for more than 4/6 hour


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